Mobilizing Social Sciences against Infectious Threats

The goal of our European project Sonar-Global is to build a sustainable international network to strengthen the active participation of the social sciences in the prevention and response to infectious threats, including those posed by antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and vaccine hesitancy. Our activities will foster complementarities and synergies among social scientists and other stakeholders.


Sonar-Global Highlights

Sonar-Global Special-Soc Curricula

Sonar-Global has published two training curricula for trainers who aim to provide high-level training on the relevance of the social sciences in AMR (antimicrobial resistance) and emerging epidemics.

Special-Soc Epidemics
Special-Soc AMR

COVID-19 webinars by Sonar-Global – Recorded versions

Sonar-Global has organised 4 webinars addressing various topics on COVID-19 in English & French, and one symposium on Tuberculosis.

View recorded versions and download the slides

Podcasts & Audio

Sonar-Global is publishing podcasts series called Epicast about epidemics with the aim to explore the social dimensions of infectious diseases outbreaks so that we can get better at controlling them. We have also pubished audio reflections from scholars & journalists around the world on experiences of the COVID-19.

Listen to the audio and podcasts here
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