Mobilizing the Social Sciences

Drawing on our global network of researchers and practitioners, Sonar Global bolsters the contribution of the social sciences in the prevention of and response to infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Since 2019, we have conducted vulnerability assessments, built models of community engagement and developed training curricula for social scientists and health researchers. Working through regional hubs, we encourage local leadership and foster global collaboration.


Sonar-Global Highlights

Report: Beyond Measure – Scaling qualitative research for policy intervention.

This document reports on the meeting “Beyond Measure: Scaling Qualitative Research for Policy Intervention”, which took place on April 5-6, 2022 at Sandbjerg Manor in Denmark. The workshop was part work package (WP) 7 of the project “SoNAR-Global (S-G): A Global Social Sciences Network for Infectious Threats and Antimicrobial Resistance”, funded by the European Commission. WP7 focused on vulnerability during the coronavirus pandemic.

Beyond Measure - Scaling qualitative research for policy intervention.

Sonar Global in ISIDORe – requesting social science services

Through their involvement in ISIDORe, Sonar-Global partners are offering various European Commission-funded services. These include: Social sciences preparedness and response interventions | Post-intervention evaluation | Scale-up services for qualitative analyses and epidemic response | Cost benefit analysis of epidemic response measure | Community surveillance and social dimensions of outbreak investigation

Social science services via ISIDORe
ISIDORe website


As part of its capacity-building activities, Sonar-Global partners are delighted to publish the OPERATE SOC AMR curriculum. This training curriculum is an intended resource for trainers who aim to provide interdisciplinary training into the social dimensions of AMR in practice, using a One Health framework as a point of departure. This curriculum includes a training handbook and a MOOC called "The Social Dimensions of Antimicrobial Resistance", hosted by the University of Amsterdam in Coursera.

OPERATE-SOC AMR curriculum
MOOC "The Social Dimensions of Antimicrobial Resistance"
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