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Avoiding burn out of care home workforce: sharing national learning and local initiatives that support resilience and retention during the Covid-19 pandemic

Edinburgh Napier University with Edinburgh University
United Kingdom
Key Focus of Study
A key issue arising for Care Homes from the Covid-19 pandemic is heightened risk of staff burn out, further undermining already problematic staff retention in this sector. This short, high impact study by researchers and practitioners is aligned with the SE Region Care Homes innovation Project and Lothian Care Home Partnership, which was previously supported by Lothian and CSO innovation Test Bed Funds. It will meet an identified immediate need by rapidly collating direct from frontline care homes their best practice, initiatives and targeted/relevant resources for supporting resilience and retention during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond and disseminate this across the care home sector in Scotland.
Key Stakeholders
Home care staff
Funding Institution(s)
CSO Scotland
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