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Effective interventions to support the resilience and mental health of frontline health and social care staff during a global health crisis and following de-escalation

Glasgow Caledonian University with University of Stirling
United Kingdom
Rapid reviews
Key Focus of Study
Frontline health and social care staff in Scotland are currently expected to treat patients under highly stressful situations that they may not have received specific training for. The impact on their mental health and well-being is unknown. We will conduct a series of rapid reviews to pool existing information about how best to maximise resilience and support the mental health of all frontline health and social care workers. We will identify which interventions can help resilience and mental health and what factors might hinder or improve the implementation of interventions in real-world settings. This information will help future policy decisions.
Key Stakeholders
Frontline health and social care workers
Funding Institution(s)
CSO Scotland
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