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Harirū, hongi and hau in the time of COVID-19

The University of Auckland
New Zealand
Ngātiwai and Waikato
Interviews, dialogue
Key Focus of Study
Kaumātua have important leadership responsibilities and enacting them in the context of COVID-19 will place them at increased risk. For this project, we will initiate an innovative dialogue using digital means with kaumātua and kuia around their concerns and reactions to COVID-19. We aim to discover how older Māori understand the tapu of the body and bodily fluids and how they are navigating the spread of viral transmission, in light of rapidly evolving advice and regulations regarding personal distancing (harirū, hongi and hau), self-isolation, and gatherings. We will use mobile (tablet) technology to communicate on a regular basis over six weeks with kaumātua in Ngātiwai and Waikato with whom we have well-established links. Discussion of our findings with participants in ongoing dialogue will lead to guidance for policy-makers and public health in supporting Māori communities, and may also chart ways for future kanohi-ki-te-kanohi research.
Key Stakeholders
Maori - kaumātua and kuia
6 months
Funding Institution(s)
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