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Psychosocial effects of the COVID-19 crisis

University of Amsterdam (UVA)
The Netherlands
Type of Study
Social science study
Online questionnaires
Key Focus of Study
Due to the Corona crisis, young adolescents are forced to stay at home, away from family and friends. This mandated incarceration is unique, it never happened at such a scale before and is therefore never researched before. However, the latest pandemic was only 10 years ago (the Mexican flu), so it is not unlikely that this will happen again. Therefore, it is relevant to understand how this period of isolation influences the mental well-being of young adolescents, their social networks and how they cope with this situation. The specific aim of the pilot is to asses mental health, resilience and coping strategies of youth (16-24) during the isolation period of Corona.
Key Stakeholders
Young adolescents (16-24 years)
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