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Quarentine While Poor

The Open University
Key Focus of Study
In this project, we are a team of researchers and activists who study the everyday life under Coronavirus Pandemic of families who experience poverty. The main purpose of this project is to study, first hand, the daily experiences and challenges such families face, emphasising family life in times of social distancing and quarantine. Our main method is therefore self-documentation; participants are asked to document life at home and how it has been affected not only economically, but also in terms of personal and familial well-being. In this way we wish to shed more light on actual practices of abandonment by the state, as well as the actual presence of these practices in the daily lives of the studied families. Two of our team members are researchers-activists who themselves experience poverty, and the other three members are academics who study poverty, class and political activism. Our aim is to add to our understanding of life in poverty from the viewpoint of the social agents themselves, as well as to document when and how the state exists or remains absent in their lives.
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