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Strengthening & Accelerating the Global Research Response to COVID-19 by Sharing Methods and Knowledge Between Countries, Networks and Organisations

University of Oxford
Network platform for knowledge sharing and research support
Key Focus of Study
A Public Health Emergency was declared for COVID-19 to galvanize global collaboration to support less resources nations; this must include research to address the unknowns and ensure equity in who benefits from findings and interventions. We propose to further develop a proven mechanism for supporting locally-led evidence generation by facilitating knowledge sharing between all the networks and getting information and support to where research capacity is low. During the Ebola and Zika outbreak The Global Health Networks erved an important role in delivering and sharing trusted research tools, guidance andtraining which facilitated faster, standardised quality data capture. Beyond theseoutbreaks we have been working with our partners to create lasting research networks tosupport evidence generation in challenging settings. Here we will take our experience andadd new innovative technology to make highly targeted information, tools and resourcesdiscoverable and support rapid implementation of new knowledge as this outbreakevolves. Our global partners are asking for such a mechanism, and here we can use theplatform, our community, technolology and expertise to address the immediate need forglobal sharing and research support at this crucial point. What we learn here can then beapplied to future outbreaks.
Key Stakeholders
April 2020 - December 2021
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