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Supporting the health of family carers during the Covid-19 crisis, an acceptability, feasibility and usability study of a trusted home-based exercise application

University of Strathclyde
United Kingdom
Key Focus of Study
There are 6.5 million informal (family) carers in the U.K: a workforce larger than the NHS. While carers provide a lifeline to the vulnerable and “shielded”, the themselves commonly face poor physical and mental health. With COVID-19, carers are now largely housebound, facing increased stress with significantly reduced opportunity and motivation for exercise. To prevent unnecessary deterioration in mental and physical health, it is critical that carers are supported to regularly exercise at home, helping to fight infections and stay well. This project will develop and test an inclusive reliable, motivational app, ‘Carefit’ to support home-based regular physical activity
Key Stakeholders
Informal (family) carers
Funding Institution(s)
CSO Scotland
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