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Sustaining the resilience and wellbeing of frontline community based care and support workers to vulnerable older people during a time of crisis

University of Stirling
United Kingdom
Key Focus of Study
The COVID-19 pandemic is acutely affecting the ability of staff in the wide range of small, local, community-based organisations who provide vital support services to vulnerable groups, such as older people with dementia. Staff in these organisations are having to rapidly adapt or restrict their activities because of the challenges COVID-19 is presenting , requiring them to deal with increased need, while being severely limited in the activities they provide. Working with case study organisations providing community support to people with dementia, this project will provide knowledge and resources to help staff support their own resilience and wellbeing as they continue to provide their services during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Key Stakeholders
Staff of small, loal, community based organizations
Funding Institution(s)
CSO Scotland
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