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The Disinformation Pandemic: Upcoming UvA Study on the Legal Framework on Disinformation

University of Amsterdam (UVA)
The Netherlands, Europe
Type of Study
Legal & policy research, comparative research
Key Focus of Study
The Institute for Information Law (IViR) at the University of Amsterdam completed a study considering these questions on disinformation. The study, commissioned by the Dutch government, focusses on the legal framework governing the dissemination of disinformation, in particular through Internet services. The study provides an extensive overview of relevant European and Dutch legal norms relating to the spread of online disinformation, and recommendations are given on how to improve this framework. The study is being sent to the Dutch parliament, and while delayed due to the current health emergency, a number of main points are helpful to understand the policy options available to address the current spread of disinformation on the Covid-19 virus.
Key Stakeholders
Policy makers
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