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This means war! The impact of framing pandemic response as “war”

NYU Center for Global Affairs
Type of Study
Comparative case study
Key Focus of Study
The response to Covid19 is often framed as a war: the virus is an enemy; medical workers are described as being on the frontlines; the effort to treat patients is a battle. Looking at this issue through the lens of securitization theory and exploring the impact of metaphors, this project examines the implications of framing pandemic response in martial terms, using historical and contemporary examples from around the world.--both positive (e.g. unity of effort, national mobilization of resources) and negative (e.g. militarization of response, abrogation of civil liberties in deference to 'national security', a 'sacrifice calculus' whereby lives are commodified, etc.).
Funding Institution(s)
National Science Foundation-funded Social Science Extreme Events Research (SSEER) Network and the CONVERGE facility at the Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado Boulder (NSF Award #1841338)
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