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Using participatory digital platforms to enhance resilience and mental health of Scottish frontline health and care staff during Covid-19 (NHS Highland as a testbed)

University of the Highlands and Islands
United Kingdom
Scotland - Highland
Participatory methods via digital platform
Key Focus of Study
To test a digital platform that will facilitate the psychological self-care of frontline NHS staff within Highland and mitigate the potential negative mental health impacts of working through the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform will allow staff to monitor their mood & anxiety in a way that gives them feedback and provides a method of evaluating our intervention. It involves participatory methods that will enable participants to develop personalised mental health ‘toolkits’, rooted in evidencebased positive psychology principles that both treat psychological distress and enhance resilience. Ongoing feedback and interactive messaging will promote selfawareness and prompt participants to utilise their toolkits.
Key Stakeholders
Frontline NHS staff
Funding Institution(s)
CSO Scotland
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