Why Sonar-Global?
Social scientists have much to offer to public health efforts to address disease outbreaks and the emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Yet social scientists have often been poorly integrated into these efforts to address infectious threats. There is clear demand to develop and coordinate social science expertise to maximize its public health impact.

Funded by the European Commission, Sonar-Global is building a sustainable international social sciences network to engage the active participation of the social sciences in preparedness and response to infectious threats, including AMR.
Sonar-Global in Numbers
What is Sonar-Global doing?
Developing a platform
for collaboration among social scientists and with other actors and institutions
Creating regional hubs
to catalyze exchange and new research
Adapting, testing and evaluating tools and models
including vulnerability assessments and engagement models
Strengething capacity
by piloting and evaluating training curricula for social scientists and other actors involved in infectious threats
What are Sonar-Global activities?
Sonar-Global pursues social science activities in five different Work Packages (WP):

Sonar-Global Outputs
Why join the Sonar-Global network?
your work
Highlight your
skills and expertise
Participate in
regional hubs
Learn about community engagement & vulnerability assessment
Find social science
Access tailored
training materials
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